Help me decorate my room

Important for: my nerves

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When we moved into the new apartment, the renovation cost a lot more then we expected, so instead of a bed I am left with just a mattress, and my walls stayed white. Forever. I've been living here for more than three years now, and I feel how the maddening whiteness is affecting my mood. I hate to be in my room, I feel nervous and uncomfortable all the time, but unfortunately, my income is barely enough for my everyday needs, and I have to admit I'm very bad at saving up. I am a writer, and all I want for my room is some acrylic and spray paints and canvases to put out my creativity over the walls for endless inspiration for my stories. I'm planning on putting my favorite quotes and using crazy painting tricks. Some of the ideas I have are: On the ceiling: "So you think you can tell, Heaven from Hell" - From Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here." Each sentence on a different wall: "Music is the universal language. Love is the universal healer. Water is the universal solvent. Put them all together and you have all the life's melodies." Also, I want to use similar techniques, with my improvisation, as shown in the video. I'm sure that if you look around your room and imagine it as empty as mine (shown in the photo), you won't be able to stand it, so you should understand how terrible this feels. Your support is highly valuable and means a lot, and to show my gratitude, I will write the name of the backer, or a quote you'd like (your choice) if you contribute 10$ to my cause, no matter the amount. You can see how big potential this room has to become a "hub" of creativity, and it would be a shame to waste it.


Mariam Zhorzholiani


Ana Mikatadze

Wow the room really has a great potential