Aquapo Georgia

Important for: Farmers

By clicking the "Start Mining" button you greatly support the testing and development of this revolutionary technology, although current version generates negligible amount of cash for campaign. (If Miner hasn't appeared, it might be due to adblocker. Please consider turning it off)
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We had the idea about this Start-up a year ago. We are three friends who are united by one idea: creating high technological and renewable energy oriented production line in Agro Sector that ensures the production of ecologically healthy product. Our aim is to contribute ourselves in the development of Georgian Agro Sector and to share our success with other farmers The stated course “Acuaponic” is totally new in Georgian reality and implies the production of ecologically clean products. The technology considers producing two components, fish and vegetables/berries in one closed ecosystem.


David Mchedlidze

Gio Kikabidze

Lasha Bokuchava

Michael Grudko


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